“Alan Donovan and Brian Kernighan have written an even better book [than K&R’s The C Programming Language].”
“I enjoyed reading this book, which is not something I can say about most technical books. ... If you have any interest in learning Go, I strongly recommend that you own this book.”
Rik Farrow, USENIX ;login: magazine, December 2015

“I like the examples in a book to be things I might want to do, and this is an area where this particular book shines.”
“It’s an excellent book... If you’re a programmer and want to learn Go, this would be my recommendation for the first book to get.”
mathew, lpar blog, 2015-12-03

“One of the strongest features of the book is its frequent discussion of Go idioms and language design decisions. This material is valuable even to someone who already knows Go, because it is the only way ... to become truly proficient in the language. The book is also very strong in considering (almost) all features of the language precisely and in detail. ... It is invaluable to have extensive discussion and examples of puzzling features.”
“The examples are interesting and demonstrate the capabilities of both the language and its libraries.”
Christopher Fox, 2016-01-22

“The Go Programming Language ... provides an excellent introduction to the Go language. The book contains many good pieces of advice ...; there are particular nuggets of wisdom scattered throughout.”
Alex Blewitt, InfoQ, 2016-02-05

“It's a great book. Even though I'm already quite familiar with Go, I found reading the book to be a good use of my time. Practical knowledge I have from using Go was reinforced with a deeper level of understanding thanks to the book. I expected a lot, given the authors' pedigree, and the book lived up to it.”
Brett Slatkin, 2016-03-04

“A thorough and serious introduction to the Go programming language ... retains the clear, crisp, to-the-point tone of K&R ... this is the book to get.”
Eli Bendersky, 2016-04-16

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